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In the few days since December 5 when AccessIPCC was released, we have received a lot of (gratifyingly!) positive feedback. On this blog, elsewhere in the blogosphere (for example Bishop Hill and Donna Laframboise) and in comments we noticed on other blogs as well as in emails.

Some have made requests and suggestions for other “tags” etc. In the months ahead, we will be widening the circle of PoCs (and JoCs) and looking at other ways of enriching your IPCC research experience.

While we cannot promise that we will be able to implement your suggestions (well, I could … but that wouldn’t be fair, because Peter has to do the lion’s share of the work!), we’d certainly like to hear about them. To make sure we don’t miss any, please post them in a comment below.

The first comment you will see below are ones in I’m pasting in from comments elsewhere on this blog.

Thanks … and happy researching ;-)

One Response to Suggestion Box

  1. hro001 says:

    From Richard Tol:

    Great stuff.

    Would be even better if you were to allow some form of crowdsourcing — linking, for instance, every author and every reference to a blog thread and voting system.

    I raise this because you focus on the Hockey Team. However, there are other suspects too. Bill Hare, for instance, is on the pay roll of Greenpeace.

    From Shub Niggurath

    Hilary and Peter,

    Could we have a tag that says = Governmental report?

    Please, please. I’ll sit and go through the references if you accept.

    Some suggestions:
    Please consider formatting the index page. Not that it is any bad now, just give it some whitespace etc

    Secondly, the chapter navigation links are presented along with the statistics of comments and/or the tags. While this is useful – it is not necessary for navigation. Someone heading into a chapter to take a look inside doesn’t need to be looking at all that. Just a quick Table of contents with links leading into relevant chapters should be good. (The bigger tables can be on a separate page).

    Third, you could reduce font size in the chapters.

    All suggestions of course.

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