AccessIPCC’s FAR_OUT Version 1 Released

I am pleased report that thanks to Peter’s tremendous efforts, Version 1 of FAR_OUT (Fourth Assessment Report – Objectively, Uniformly Tagged) is now ready for prime-time live :-)

In this version, all 44 Chapters of AR4’s Working Groups 1, 2 and 3 have been annotated by AccessIPCC. In the months ahead we will be incorporating the Technical Summaries, FAQs, Synthesis Reports and Summary for Policymakers – all of which require somewhat different programming for annotation purposes.

Once again, we thank those who have contributed their very valuable input and feedback as this project evolved. (And your comments have been preserved for the record and virtual posterity in our new History page).

We know that this version is far from perfect, but we hope that you will find the “pictures” emerging at the different levels of exploration (from Chapter, to Working Group, and Overall) will be helpful.

Both Peter and I are committed to continuous improvement and we would welcome your comments and feedback here. Please do take your mouse for a stroll, and do come back let us know what you think.

Update 2010 Dec 07: We have made a few minor revisions. Details can be found on our Version History page – on which we will track changes from now on.

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5 Responses to AccessIPCC’s FAR_OUT Version 1 Released

  1. Wow, Hilary, wow!!! This is amazing. you must have realized the value of this by now – I am referring to the findings from the urban air quality para Donna explains.

    • hro001 says:

      Well, I did tell you that your mouse would amaze you! Yes, of course, I realize the value (I realized it back in March!) Donna’s paragraph was a random sample she just happened to pick: a nugget in a virtual goldmine!

      Of course when Mann discovers this, he’ll probably declare that it’s not important because it’s not in the SPM ;-)

      But we’ll be getting to that one soon … and when we do, he may have to eat his words!

  2. Hilary and Peter,
    Could we have a tag that says = Governmental report?

    Please, please. I’ll sit and go through the references if you accept.

    Some suggestions:
    Please consider formatting the index page. Not that it is any bad now, just give it some whitespace etc

    Secondly, the chapter navigation links are presented along with the statistics of comments and/or the tags. While this is useful – it is not necessary for navigation. Someone heading into a chapter to take a look inside doesn’t need to be looking at all that. Just a quick Table of contents with links leading into relevant chapters should be good. (The bigger tables can be on a separate page).

    Third, you could reduce font size in the chapters.

    All suggestions of course.

    • hro001 says:

      Shub, we appreciate the suggestions … please bear in mind this is Version 1. … and it will evolve!

      Government tag might be a possibility; but not this week I can guarantee you!

      What you may not realize is that all the tagging and coding has to be programmed, and the content of each page actually compiled from chunks of text in a database with a view towards facilitating other linkages as we progress – so we try to keep things as simple as possible! Anything pertaining to a chapter is part of the page package.

      Definitely with you on the whitespace, though; but Peter tends to be a minimalist when it comes to whitespace (we’ve had quite a few divergences of opinion about this … so what you see is a compromise!)

      I disagree, btw, on separating out the stats – they can be a very useful jumping off point for research, and as a “big picture” person, I find it quite useful to have them there (also saves a lot of mousing around when verifying stuff!)

      As for font-size, the body font is 11pt., which is not my idea of large; we’re working from a very simple stylesheet, but when I have some time, I’ll take a look and see what (if anything) can be done without throwing other stuff out of whack! In the meantime, I don’t know what browser you’re using (or your monitor resolution), but you should be able to use Ctrl+Scroll-back to reduce the font sizes you are seeing!

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