People Behind AccessIPCC

AccessIPCC was started by Peter B., an Australian programmer and Hilary Ostrov who got in contact via the CitizenAudit project.

Other people are assisting but all criticism should be directed at us.

By Hilary Ostrov:

British-born (more years ago than I care to remember) and proudly Canadian-bred, I reside in a suburb of Vancouver, British Columbia – along with my very vocal cat, Amber.

My background – which includes a BA in English & Psych. from the University of Western Ontario – and current vocation (computer training, database design and management, website design and other computer related stuff) are such that I would never have imagined – even a year ago – that so much of my time would be consumed by matters climatic.

In fact, it wasn’t until about a week or so “BC” (Before Climategate) that I even became aware of any controversy. Certainly, on more than one occasion in recent years you could have heard me blithely muttering “must be global warming” when confronted by unusual and/or extreme weather conditions (although on the rare occasion that I gave the matter more than a passing thought, the theory that it must be our CO2 that is the primary cause always struck me as being somewhat far-fetched). My initial interest was sparked by a link I decided to follow from a response to an article in Canada’s National Post. And the rest, as they say, is history!

By December 2009, I was sufficiently informed, and concerned by so much of what I had learned, that I decided to start my own blog: The View From Here. Not that I expect anything I write to change the world, but at least it gives me a platform for airing my thoughts – and indulging my whimsical penchant for playing with words :-)

When Peter introduced himself and his project to me, in mid-March of this year, I was astounded at the potential power of Peter’s program as a self-directed research and educational tool; it will be a virtual goldmine of information at one’s fingertips!

I’m honoured and delighted to be working with Peter on this project … for the magnificent fee of $0.00 per hour ;-)

By Peter B.:

I am an ex-Royal Australian Navy engineering officer with a BSc(Eng) from London University. I spent most of my navy time programming computers.

I was nudged into looking into Climate Change by my cousin. It quickly became apparent that the Fourth Assessment Report of the IPCC was underpinning much climate policy. The ClimateGate emails became available but it was difficult if not impossible to see what relation (if any) they had to the FAR. This effort started in an attempt to make it easier to access the FAR and its interrelated data.